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The Town of Rising Sun provides trash and recyclables collection for its residents on a weekly basis, with collection taking place on Fridays, unless impacted by holidays or mother nature.  Any changes in collection will be advertised and public notice will be provided of any change in collection schedule.

The Town also provides for yard waste collection on Monday's

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Due to declines in commodity prices,  "Market Rates" plus increased percentages of contamination and other factors, the County Landfill has raised the price for the disposal of recyclables from $4.00 per ton to $22.50 per ton.  This is a significant increase that will eventually impact the user rates for the Town of Rising Sun.  Unfortunately, one of the reasons for the increase is the amount of contamination that has been taking place throughout the County, in the single stream collection of recyclables.  Contamination is defined as non recyclable items being mixed in with the recyclables.  Items such as, food and waste products, metals, pizza boxes, frozen food containers, non-flattened cardboard, diapers, paper towels and a host of other non-recyclable items.  THIS ALONE IS SIGNIFICANTLY DRIVING THE COST FOR COLLECTION UP.  The county is reporting a 10% increase in the volume of non-recyclable items (contaminates) in the past year alone.  

This is costing you money!

Please click on the link below to print out a flier outlining the items that should not be placed in your recycling containers.