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Powers and Duties of the Board of Commissioners

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The Commissioners shall have the power to pass all such Ordinances not contrary to the Constitution and laws of the State of Maryland or the Town charter as it may deem necessary for the good government of the Town; for the protection and preservation of the Town's property, rights, and privileges; for the preservation of peace and good order; for securing persons and property from violence, danger, or destruction; and for the protection and promotion of the health, safety, comfort, convenience, welfare, and happiness of the residents of and visitors in the Town. 
The Commissioners shall have, in addition and not by way of limitation all express ordinance making powers set forth in Article 23A Section 2 and Article 66B of the Maryland Annotated Code, as it may be amended from time to time.  The enumeration of powers and functions in the Charter and elsewhere shall not be deemed to limit the power and authority granted to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners by law. For the purpose of carrying out the powers granted, the Board of Commissioners may pass all necessary ordinances.  All the powers of the Town shall be exercised in the manner prescribed by the Charter or, if the manner is not prescribed, then in such a manner as may be prescribed by ordinance.