Control The Spread

This virus will likely get worse before it gets better. But if we work together and do our part, we can stop the spread of this virus. There have been some comparisons of Corona Virus to the flu, with some suggesting that the risk and outcomes of the Corona Virus are no greater or even less than the risk of getting the flu. Perhaps our thinking about the way we view the flu is what needs adjusting and not any concerns about overreacting to the Corona Virus. The fact is many people are getting very sick and many are also dying. If the spread of this virus can be minimized and we can take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones, why does a PROACTIVE CALL TO ACTION have to be predicated by measuring fatality rates between two different viruses? The Corona Virus IS IN OUR COMMUNITY NOW. this is the virus we need to be focusing on now. Some residents will likely be impacted by this virus. That person could be you, a family member, friend or in your neighborhood.

Please read the guidelines below and see how you can make a difference and potentially save a life.