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Trash & Recyclables; Schedule & Rules

COLLECTION DAY:    Friday. (Items must be at curbside by 6:00 A.M
HOLIDAYS:    If Friday is a Holiday, items will be collected on the following Saturday.
         *   Trash:    All household perishables, food waste and non-recyclable items.                  
Prohibited:  NO evictions or residential clean-outs such as carpets, furniture, tenant belongings; NO tires, automobile waste such as antifreeze, oils and transmission fluids; NO contractor or construction debris related to new construction, renovations and repairs, to include paint cans, thinners & removers; NO recyclables or yard waste materials.
*   Bulk Items:    Residents are permitted one bulk item per household, per week. 
*   Recyclables:    Residents are encouraged to participate in the Town's Single Stream Recycling program to include the collection of:
      -  All aluminum, steel "tin", or bi-metal beverage & food cans.      Recycling
      -  Glass jars & Bottles. (excluding canning jars)
      -  Plastic Containers with the recycling codes of 1 through 7.
      -  Newsprint
      -  Magazines.
      -  Frozen Food Boxes.
      -  Catalogs/Cereal Boxes.       
      -  Printer Paper.
      -  Copier Paper.
      -  Mail.
      -  Soda Boxes.
      -  Cardboard.
All Containers must be rinsed with lids removed.  Wet cardboard is not accepted.  If you have an item that is not listed above, please do not include it with your recyclables.  Paint cans, thinners and removers are not acceptable.
PROHIBETED ITEMSNO ceramic flowerpots, clay flowerpots, crystal,  drinking glasses, heat-resistant cookware, light bulbs, mirrors,  window glass plates or mugs. NO automotive fluid containers, buckets, chemical and  pesticide containers, cups, dish drain or garbage pail plastic, plastic flowerpots, plastic bags, plastic ware, plates or toys.
Placing non-recyclable items for collection will result in your recyclables not being collected.